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Introduction to Tea House


Beijing Traditional Opera Museum is located at Beijing Huguang Guild Hall, Hufang Bridge, Xuanwu District, Beijing. It was completed and open to the public on September 6th as the 100th museum in Beijing. 

       Beijing Huguang Guild Hall was established in the 10th year of the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty (1807 AD), and consists of grand opera house, Xiangxian Memorial Hall, Wenchang Pavilion, Baoshan Hall, Chuwan Hall and “Miss Somebody in the Wind and Rain” Chamber. It was once the gathering place of the students from Hunan and Hubei Provinces to participate the imperial test in Beijing and the businessmen from the same place, and reputed as a galaxy of advanced culture and talents owing to a long history, profound cultural connotation and excellent Beijing Opera culture tradition. It was famous for a theatre for traditional Chinese opera performance during the period of the Republic of China for the opera masters such as Tan Xinpei, Yu Shuyan and Mei Lanfang gave performance here. 

          In 1912, the great revolutionary pioneer, Dr. Sun Yat-sen came to Beijing Huguang Guild Hall for five times and gave political speeches. On August 25th, 1912, he presided over and held the Founding Conference of the Kuomintang. In order to better carry forward the integrative functions of the traditional opera research and popularization, the grand opera house was opened at first in the spring of 1996. The famous artists from Beijing Opera Theater come to the opera tower and make their excellent traditional performance every night.

   The basic exhibition of the traditional museum is “the Brief History of Beijing Traditional Opera”. It displays the history of Beijing traditional opera that mainly focuses on Beijing Opera to the spectators through its precious traditional opera literatures, cultural relics, pictures and sound and image documents. The exhibition works includes the precious collections like “Pictures of Teacher Acknowledging” of the Beijing opera masters, Wang Yaoqing and Mei Lanfang, the costumes of martial actor master, Yang Xiaolou, etc.

    After you have learned about the history of Beijing traditional opera, then enjoy the excellent performance in the Grand Opera House with a cup of tea, you will feel the endless happiness.

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